Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hotels vs Vacation Rental Villas for Celebrities

Celebrities are demanding clients who require luxury, space, comfort, service and privacy. Privacy is probably one of the most important factors in celebrities’ decisions traveling away for home. Instead of a hotel more and more celebs are renting luxury vacation villas for their holidays. Celebrities are desperately in need of silence and serenity during their stay and vacation rentals can offer this luxury. Being a celebrity comes with privileges but is has also its inconveniences. Getting chased by fans is not something that celebrities are fond of, especially during their vacation. Celebrities might also need to rent vacation rental villas while they conduct business shooting a movie or recording an album. By renting a luxury home the celeb can bring their entourage so they can feel the comforts of home. Why not bring your own chef, make up artist, personal trainer and assistant. In either case, they are sure to feel more comfortable in a luxury holiday rentals mansion rather than a hotel. During their stay, owners or a concierge service provides them will services to accommodate their needs


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